Proven Strategies to Leverage Data to Drive Innovation

Navigating the cyclical nature of the energy sector is one of the biggest challenges for industry professionals. However, these complex issues can be managed and simplified by leveraging one key asset: your organization’s data sets. The Big Data Industry Summit – Oil & Gas on June 28, 2022 will demonstrate how to build a “digital oilfield” and increase your efficiency, lower costs and boost your safety posture.

Hear how companies are using data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things to drive innovation in the energy transition.


• Realizing the Potential: Defining the Hydrogen Opportunity

• Turning Net-Zero Ambition into Action

• Reinventing Business Models

• Decarbonizing Strategy

• Tying ESG to Digitalization

• A Decade of Digitalization: Now What?


• Harnessing AI for Decarbonizing

• Automating Operations

• Developing Data Structures to Decarbonizing

• Hardware and robotics

• Use Case Presentations (Operations, Safety, Controls, Maintenance)